10 Minutes With...Honey and Tweed

This blog post is the first of what I’m hoping will become a series titled ‘10 minutes with…’ I’d love to be able to introduce you to other businesses that do their bit towards living a greener life. We can make small changes in almost EVERY aspect of our lives and I’m hoping to enlighten you to some of these possibilities. This series will by no means be a guilt trip or a way of forcing eco living into every tiny corner of your day to day lifestyle. It’s simply a way to provide you with ideas and inspiration that you may not have thought of and to introduce you to some of my favourite businesses and brands!

First up is my best pal Jen from Honey and Tweed - an Interior Design and Upcycling business…

How did Honey and Tweed begin?

My parents bought me a chest of drawers – Mum painted it and transformed it into something I loved. As I was buying a house, I thought it would be a great way to furnish my new home on a budget. Compliments from family and friends encouraged me to start painting furniture and selling it on, which led to the launch of Honey and Tweed.


Where did the name for you business come from?

 My dog ‘Honey’ along with the country style associated with ‘Tweed’.


As well as Upcycling furniture, what other services do you offer?

I also offer Interior Design and Decoration. 


What does the Interior Design Process entail?

I spend time finding out the wants and needs of a client. I’ll then go away and create a moodboard to present to the client over a discussion about how they can implement these changes within their home. The moodboard includes paint colours, wallpapers, soft furnishings, lighting…I will source products as requested and will oversee the management of the project when work commences and can also carry out the decorating work.

Upcycling is a great way to reduce waste. How else is your company kind to the planet?

I predominantly use Little Greene paint which is an environmentally conscious decorating company. They use 50% recycled steel for their paint tins, it’s all manufactured in the UK, their oil based paints use sustainable vegetable oils, and their VOC (volatile organic compound – the smell) rating is the industry’s lowest. They also have a range of wallpaper – for every tree they use they will plant 4 in it’s place.


Have you made any changes in your personal life towards living a greener life?

Yes I have! After watching a documentary on the impact of palm oil on the lives of Orangutans, I’ve tried to cut out unsustainable palm oil from my diet – I’ve almost completely eliminated it. I’m trying to cut down on single use plastics and have upgraded to a Hybrid car! 

What’s next for Honey and Tweed?

 I hope to build my customer base and expand the company. One day I’d like to have my own shop to display and sell my furniture and have a place full of fabrics and paints to inspire my customers. It would be great to have a space to base my Interior Design Client follow up meetings. 


Where can we find you?

Instagram @honey_and_tweed