Welcome to the Lovesay and Mo Jumpsuit

I'm going to start this post with a big fat THANK YOU to each and every one of you that has persevered and is still here! It's been a slow journey but I'm super pleased to FINALLY be able to offer you a the first range of Lovesay and Mo jumpsuits! I'm hoping to be up and running on Etsy soon, but for now I'll be selling privately via Instgram and Facebook, with payments taken through PayPal. I imagine it's going to take a little while to get this right, so please bare with me! For this first batch of suits, I have listed the sizes and colours available and I'm afraid it'll be on a first come, first served basis. (BUT PLEASE DON'T WORRY IF YOU MISS OUT! If there's a certain size and colour you are after that I don't currently have, let me know! I'll be placing a fabric order next Monday so am hoping to get a new batch of suits made before Christmas.) Whether you see the list on Facebook or Instgram, send me a private message on either platform and I'll be able to either process your order, offer you a different colour, or take an order for a suit to be made. I'm hoping this all makes sense so far!

Payments details will be given once an order is confirmed, and will be via PayPal. Costs are also detailed below, and postage and packaging will cost £3.50. For anybody local to Stroud I may be able to arrange collection or delivery (for a similar fee) if you want them sooner than Royal Mail may be able to provide them! For any information I have missed, or if you have got any other questions then please don't hesitate to contact me! Either via Facebook, Instagram or email (lovesayandmo@outlook.com).

These beautiful handmade jumpsuits are made from Organic Cotton Jersey, and are lined with an Organic combination of Cotton and Bamboo (quite possibly the softest thing I've ever experienced!!). As every suit has been made by hand with a hell of a lot of love, they may differ ever so slightly. The style has been designed for comfort and with busy Littles in mind. The turn ups on the legs can be rolled up further, or let down to allow for growth. The idea is that the Lovesay and Mo jumpsuit will grow with your Little, and will have enough life in it to be loved by somebody else once it's eventually been outgrown. Lovesay and Mo is about minimal shopping to maximise living. I've written before about the impact consumerism is having on our planet (there may be another post on the way!) and I'm hoping to influence others to make small changes to their own lives, starting with buying small brand organic clothing that's made to last!!!

So enough of the chat, here are the important details!


Available Suits (only one of each that is listed):

available stock

So as I said - for ANY kind of questions, please don't hesitate to ask! And thank you so much again!

Megan xxxxxxxxx