What a lovely package...

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, one of the main aims of this blog is to inspire others to live a more sustainable life. I'm not talking move-into-a-mud-hut, only-eat-what-you-can-grow, shower-in-rain-water and craft-your-clothes-from-leaves sustainable, I'm talking achievable sustainable. For example being more aware of just how much plastic is used to package pretty much everything. Even from the stage of creating mood boards for Lovesay and Mo, I knew I didn't want to use plastic in my own packaging and wanted to find an alternative material that was either recycled, recyclable, reusable or better still all of those things. You've all seen it in the news and I brushed over it in my last blog post so won't bore you with more facts, BUT I would love to share with you how I package my stock ready to be sent off to it's new home... I wanted to keep it all super simple, sleek, neutral and speedy. I managed to source some tissue paper which is made from recycled materials and is perfect for wrapping clothing. During my days at Laura Ashley I learnt that a small piece of tissue paper is a quick and easy trick to ensure neat and tidy folding, so that's how I being my packaging process. This lining also provides extra protection...

I then use a single piece of tissue to wrap around the item, wrapping it like a present. Rather than sellotape (is that allowed?! I'm sure when I was younger I was told that you couldn't say sellotape on Art Attack for 'legal reasons'?!?) I'm currently using up a huge stock of washi tape. Who doesn't love a bright washi?!

I was trying to come up with a 'squishy' material to use for protection instead of the standard bubble wrap. I've seen that there's now a 'Jiffy Green' option for postage envelopes, but at this current stage the cost is a little too high. I thought some kind of light fabric would be perfect and that's when I came across the Organic muslin. It's incredibly soft when washed and can be used for a baby muslin, cleaning cloth, duster, teddy bear picnic blanket, dolls duvet, hide and seek blind fold and SO much more.....The plan eventually will be to use small drawstring muslin bags that can be used for pegs, storing produce, washing delicate items, storage etc etc. The paper-wrapped package is folded in half then wrapped up in the Muslin square. Before heading to the post Office I wrap them in a layer of brown parcel paper...IMG_4704IMG_4705

I've always loved wrapping gifts and used to help Mum at Christmas with everyone's presents. I get a lot of joy from giving a beautifully wrapped gift, and equally I love it when I receive one. I wanted Lovesay and Mo customers to feel this joy when they receive their parcels and from the feedback I've received so far I think I've achieved just that!

Megan x

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